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Internships 101
Internships 101

So you’re looking to apply for an internship to gain experience in your career of choice. What do you need to do — or not do — for that first door to open?

Food Reviews & Recipes

New + Noted: D’Bell

43 North Canal Rd, S059299. Tel: 6536-4046. Open daily except Sun. Mon-Thurs 11.30am-2.30pm & 6pm-11pm (Fri till Midnight); Sat 6pm-Midnight. Last orders 2pm & 10pm. www.dbell.sg

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  • The Skin Type ProfilerThe Skin Type Profiler

    The skin is a living thing that changes with age, lifestyle and hormonal factors. But most of all, you need to identify its current condition to select the right skincare. Take this quiz to determine your skin profile and learn how to care for it.

  • Sun Safety QuizSun Safety Quiz

    The sun's harmful UV rays cause the vast majority of skin cancers including melanoma. Are you doing enough to protect your skin? Test your sun-safety knowledge with this quick quiz.

  • What is Your Fragrance Personality?What is Your Fragrance Personality?

    Which perfume is the perfect one for you? Take our fragrance personality quiz and discover what your signature scent is.

  • What is Your Body Type?What is Your Body Type?

    Everyone naturally has one of the three basic human body types: Endomorph, mesomorph or ectomorph. Take this quiz to discover your body type and find out how to train and eat for a leaner and better proportioned body.

  • Is He Looking For Love? Or Sex?Is He Looking For Love? Or Sex?

    Your guy's totally smitten with you, but is it love or lust? Is he serious about the relationship or is he just after your bod? Find out.

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