Nasit Wankhwan

Name: Nasit Wankhwan
Age: 22
Country: Thailand

When did you first develop an interest in fashion blogging?
I have had an interest in fashion since I was young and I loved to create my own outfits. Thereafter, I got more inspiration when I joined the big fashion event in my country, Thailand. That experience has given me more knowledge about fashion and I want to share my own passion and style. It inspired me to create my own blog three years ago and I have not looked back since.

What is the worst or some of the worst fashion disasters you have come across?
In my perception, I think the worst fashion disaster is when people follow trends and fashion but they forget about being themselves. I want to tell people who love style that it is unique and creative - an original expression of oneself. Fashion is for people without style. If you have a style, keep with it. Being yourself - that's cool.

Who are your favorite designers?
My favourite designer is Alexander McQueen because he was the most creative and unique designer and he always gave me the inspiration to be myself. His works show me intention and creativity. I can feel it. His fashion shows were not only about the "model and the runway". Rather, they were art performances where he expressed himself for all to see.

Is this your first time in Singapore?
Yes, this is my first time in Singapore. I'm so excited to visit the sunshine island. It's going to be an amazing trip for me.

What are you most looking forward to in the Asia Fashion Exchange 2011?
I'm looking forward to see the new perception on the Asian fashion like how we are right now? I am expecting to see Asia's potential and intention. I'm going to express myself and share my own views as well!