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If there's one style tip you can take away from British designer Antonio Berardi, it's how underwear is one item that should stand out.

Known for his natural flair for choosing the right materials and ways of sophisticated tailoring to create the utmost effect, the designer also set the trend, adopted by both the elegant Gwyneth Paltrow and provocative Megan Fox, on the catwalks and red carpets in 2010. One that channeled inner-wear onto the out-front.

The lingerie-inspired clothing stemmed from his early childhood, when his mother would dress her children and constantly 'point out how important lingerie was for the girls and underwear was for the boys'. Antonio referred that underwear was an item that should stand 'as amazing as your outerwear because you never knew what was going to happen'.

Trust the ex-assistant of John Galliano and the inventor of the gravity-defying heel-less shoes worn by style queen Victoria Beckham to articulate his visions.

The brilliant and charming Antonio Berardi is known for his body-con designs, corset-making methods and feminine silhouettes. His elegant yet sexy collections revolve around 'tight tailoring and slick femininity' as noted by British Vogue's fashion director Lucinda Chambers.

During a backstage interview at his Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection, we realise the intensity that the designer possesses for the female form. His artistic appreciation of a woman's figure has led him to design pieces which not only works with and enhances a woman's natural curves but also to have his pieces only come alive when placed on their torsos.

WATCH INTERVIEW: Backstage with Berardi

His strong admiration for women was heavily influenced by his Sicilian background where women are known to be 'strong and independent but is still in touch with her femininity'. The designer believes that style 'is very much about the individual' and when questioned about dressing tips for women in the local environment, he explains how 'it is not necessarily about what is deemed right for them to be wearing if it is the wrong for the climate that they are in'.

His creation of original shapes and slick cuts make such photogenic and versatile pieces. However do not be deceived by these simple, clean-cut designs the label offers as Antonio Berardi is all about attention to detail.

Always renewing the classics with unconventional fabrics and more advanced manufacturing methods, the talented designer is strongly moved by the idea of 'clothes (which are) taken out of (its) context'. This modest visionary designer strongly rejects any head-to-toe Antonio Berardi look and believes a woman should 'choose a piece they love and would want to love for a long time' as 'it gives the item a new strain of life and takes it to some place else'.

Fans of Berardi can look forward to films in the future as the designer declares his love for expanding into film. It is because he 'remember things' and remembers them in such a visual way which includes 'colours and movement' that he realises his passion extends outside of designing merely very exquisite clothing.

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Eva Longoria jet-skiing in an Antonio Berardi
Backstage with Berardi
Runway Style: Antonio Berardi A/W 2011 Runway

Backstage with Berardi
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