21 November 2012 07:00 | By Denise Ngo
10 fashionistas with a dark side

Jayley Woo joins a host of female celebs with a penchant for punk and grunge-inspired clothing

10 fashionistas with a dark side
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Text: Denise Ngo

With her elfin features and girlish pixie cut, you’d think that MediaCorp actress Jayley Woo would be the first to hop aboard the “kawaii” train that so many pint-sized artistes are riding. However, in an interview with xinmsn, the Style: Check-In host was quick to express her preference for grunge-inspired looks over baby-doll colours.

“I’m the punkish-rock type -- I’m more into black or anything that is dark in colour,” Jayley said, while telling us how her career as an actress forced her to deviate from her usual grungy style. “But some jobs made me more daring because I got to wear colours I’m not used to – like orange.”

“I’m not the flirty pink kind of girl,” she said. “It’s very ‘ack’ to me!”

It seems a little ironic that someone like Jayley who loves leather, spikes, and studs should feel wary of wearing pastels. But when it comes to fashion, some stars simply feel more inclined toward darkness.

“It’s what I’m comfortable with,” Jayley said. “My choices are not so much about what I think is in, it’s more of what comes to me when I dress up.”

Still, it’s possible to be a little too dark – and to look as if you’re dressed as a punk for Halloween rather than as a normal person.

“Sometimes guys try too hard,” Jayley lamented. “They’ve got piercings all over their faces. I don’t really see it in Singapore, but in movies, there are women wearing ‘punk gone wrong.’ It happens when the movie needs a stereotypical ‘goth-punk’ look with black lips, white makeup, checkered skirts and tanks, and red leggings. That’s way too much for me. I can’t take it.”

And while she’s happy with her short hair, Jayley shudders at the half-shaved “Skillrex” hair that’s taken over Hollywood.

“I’d rather go hairless,” Jayley said. “At least it’d look more balanced.”

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