Updated: 23 May 2014 07:30 | By Denise Ngo
10 things you should love about Godfrey Gao (other than his face)

Besides being a pretty face, the model and SK-II ambassador loves animals, can play more than one musical instrument, and dreams about helping other Asians succeed in Hollywood

Godfrey Gao
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The last time we interviewed model/actor Godfrey Gao, he was downing a Venti-sized drink from Starbucks, clearly fighting the effects of a 5 am flight from Taiwan. This time, it was a cup of pink and yellow ice cream, which looked comically dainty in his large hands.

“This ice cream is amazing!” he said, once we’d exchanged greetings. “Raspberry mango. Delicious!”

We didn’t peg the 195 cm SK-II ambassador, clad in a bejewelled Ashley Isham jacket (the same one Ian Fang wore to this year’s Star Awards), as a fruity ice cream kind of guy. But despite his massive frame and aloof manner, once he warms up (or has had something to eat), Godrey comes across as a gentle giant more than as your typical fashion “divo.”

“This is my first time walking the runway in Singapore,” he told us backstage, prior to the Ashley Isham show during last week’s Audi Fashion Festival. “I’ve gotta prepare. I’ve been to a couple of shows before, but this is the first time I’m actually walking.”

“You’ve walked runways in other places before,” we assured him. “You’ll do great.”

“I haven’t walked too many,” he said, between increasingly large spoonfuls of ice cream. “But it’ll be fine. I’ll get used to it.”

Godfrey first made waves in 2011 after he was announced as the first Asian male face of Louis Vuitton in 157 years. And while that face has given him opportunities that other aspiring Asian artistes can only dream of, his abundance of funny anecdotes has convinced us that Godfrey's good looks are far from his most memorable quality.

That being said, ladies, try not to faint while reading the 10 most charming things we learned about Godfrey Gao in our 20-minute chat.

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