01 August 2014 17:45
10 ways to make thin hair appear thicker

Easy tricks to give your hair instant volume

Woman with thick hair (© ValuaVitaly/Getty Images)
  • Woman with thick hair (© ValuaVitaly/Getty Images)
  • Woman with shampoo on hair (© Valua Vitaly/Getty Images)
  • Woman choosing between bottles of conditioner (© 101dalmatians/Getty Images)
  • Woman with conditioner on hair (© Goodluz/Getty Images)
  • Woman rinsing hair (© Tetra Images/Getty Images)
  • Woman applying mousse to hair (© Image Source/Getty Images)
  • Woman blowdrying hair (© Ocean/Corbis)
  • Woman using hair straighteners (© NPHOTOS/Getty Images)
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Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with thick and lustrous hair, but there are plenty of ways to add volume and create the illusion of fullness. If you’re fed up with your thin and lacklustre locks, try our top tips to add instant volume. The right cut, products and styling really can make a huge difference…

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