Updated: 22 May 2014 16:15
13 ways your make-up is ageing you

Your foundation is too dark

Different shades of foundation (© PLAINVIEW/Getty Images)
  • Woman holding makeup (© Getty Images)
  • Woman putting cream on face (© Getty Images)
  • Woman drawing on eyebrows (© REX/Blend Images)
  • Woman plucking eyebrows (© PhotoConcepts/Getty Images)
  • Foundation on brush (© Getty Images)
  • Different shades of foundation (© PLAINVIEW/Getty Images)
  • Woman applying blusher (© Getty Images)
  • Dark eyeshadow (© REX/Garo/Phanie)
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Foundation should be used to even out your skin tone, not to completely change it. If you're having trouble, visit the beauty counter of a large department store and ask to try out a few different shades. You may need to change shades with the season.

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