Updated: 30 June 2014 16:45
15 surprising ways to ruin your skin

Beauty blunders to avoid

Woman wearing face mask (© REX/WestEnd61)
  • Woman wearing face mask (© REX/WestEnd61)
  • Woman applying face scrub (© Fotosearch Premium/Getty Images)
  • Make-up brush (© Bernard Jaubert/Getty Images)
  • Woman using wipe on face (© REX/Garo/Phanie)
  • Jar of beauty cream (© Getty Images)
  • Couple lying down in bed (© mother image/redshorts/Corbis)
  • Woman removing eye makeup (© REX/Garo/Phanie)
  • Bottles of cosmetics (© REX/Image Broker)
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You spend a fortune on beauty products and cosmetics and do everything you can to ensure your skin is healthy and radiant. Unfortunately, some of the things you think are helping your complexion could actually be doing more harm than good.

If you want beautiful skin, here are 15 mistakes you need to stop making today...

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