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5 questions with actress-singer Ariel Lin

5 questions with actress-singer Ariel Lin

SINGAPORE — Sunscreen is a girl’s best friend. Well, at least according to Ariel Lin, the brand ambassador of KOSE.

The actress-singer keeps to the basics when it comes to her skincare routine, which begs the question: How does the Taiwanese sweetheart, who was recently in town dispensing make-up and skincare tips at KOSE’s Youthful Radiance Beauty Workshop, keep her complexion so flawless?

Ariel Lin

Taiwanese actress-singer Ariel Lin, brand ambassador for KOSE.

“I don’t really do anything drastic except for the occasional facial,” she said. “But, especially when I’m travelling, I use facial products once my skin feels the slightest bit dry ... I don’t consider myself to have any secrets, but I guess it’s because I already look younger than my actual age,” said the 31-year-old.

Q: What’s your favourite product from KOSE?

A: KOSE SEKKISEI White BB Cream! It’s six-in-one: It’s a make-up base, foundation, serum and emulsion; it helps to brighten skin and has sunscreen properties (SPF 40 PA +++). I always carry this product with me.

Q: Care to share your daily skincare regime?

A: I typically just use facial cleanser, sunscreen lotion and eyeliner. Eyeliners are important because I’m an Asian — we always look like we lack energy! So it’s eyeliner and a little eyeshadow for me. I also use facial masks around three times a week.

Q: Other than using KOSE products, how do you keep your skin looking so youthful and radiant?

A: A good diet is important. I incorporate mainly fruits, vegetables and some red meat into my diet, and I drink lots of water. High-quality skincare products also make a difference. You should choose make-up and skincare products that have ingredients extracted from natural plants and herbs.

Q: How do you constantly look your best?

A: Always be in a good mood! Look on the bright side of life and treat difficult situations as a gift from God.

Q: Are there areas of skincare that people often overlook?

A: People tend to over-clean their skin. Firstly, the whole process of using your make-up remover and facial cleanser shouldn’t take more than a minute. Secondly, you should use facial tissues to dry your face instead of a towel. Most people don’t know that the friction caused by the towel results in more wrinkles.

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