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5 questions with ECCO’s Niki Taestensen

5 questions with ECCO’s Niki Taestensen

SINGAPORE — Beauty is no longer pain, especially if you love a pair of deliciously gorgeous shoes but literally can’t stand walking in them for the entire day.

Unless you step into a pair from ECCO’s new Spring/Summer Dress Comfort collection, which marries style and comfort, according to Niki Taestensen, the lead designer of the brand’s women’s collection.

ECCO Niki Taestensen

ECCO’s Niki Taestensen

The Scandinavian, who has “an awful lot of shoes, sees an awful lot of shoes and (has) a very special relationship with shoes”, was barely 16 when he pursued the family tradition to become a shoemaker.

And an inventor of words, too. Taestensen has a new term for modern fast-paced women who aren’t inclined to sacrifice style and comfort at the other’s expense: Comfortistas.

“Comfortistas are self-confident women who want shoes that are all-in-one. Shoes you can be comfortable walking around in but, at the same time, be emotionally comfortable in because you feel that you still look good,” he explained.

Does he test how comfortable these women’s shoes are? “Yes! But obviously for me, I like flats more. I’m not too good with heels,” he quipped.


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