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5 questions with GLAMGLOW’s Glenn and Shannon Dellimore

5 questions with GLAMGLOW’s Glenn and Shannon Dellimore

SINGAPORE — Back before they were on the map, husband and wife tag-team Glenn and Shannon Dellimore were debating with some of their celebrity friends about the existence (or lack thereof) of a product that would get the skin camera-ready, as well as deal with fine lines and age spots and sun damage all in 10 minutes.

They couldn’t find one, so they decided to make it themselves in 2010. The result? A little company called GLAMGLOW. “We gave our first little cup to Keanu Reeves, another to Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan. They all loved it. Literally, in weeks we had people calling and before we knew it, we were meeting Natalie Portman, sending stuff to Denzel Washington, Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga ...

Glenn and Shannon Dellimore

GLAMGLOW’s Glenn and Shannon Dellimore

“It comes down to our drive and our passion to do something for our friends, and to create something that’s different,” Glenn said.

Despite facing an economic recession, they took a gamble to ship GLAMGLOW internationally — and hit the jackpot. “In 36 months, we were in 80 countries. Last year, we did 106 million in retail sales, we’re in over 6,000 stores, 25 airlines and 52 cruise ships,” said Glenn.

Attributing GLAMGLOW’s success to the magic mix of “great efficacy, great results ... and packaging that inspires creativity”, Glenn said, the GLAMGLOW brand has become “really famous for providing instant results, innovativeness and helping people feel sexy”.

The success of GLAMGLOW has, if anything, humbled the duo. “Whenever we see anyone who uses our product, we get excited and wowed. We’re in awe. It’s a great honour — they could use any product in the world and they chose GLAMGLOW,” said Shannon.


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