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5 questions with ... Nat Ho

5 questions with ... Nat Ho

Nat Ho

Nat Ho is one busy bee. He released his debut English album, Unleashed, earlier this year, starred in Xinmsn's exclusive web series Of Love And Hidden Charms, and had a guest role in crime drama Code Of Law. Fans will be glad to know that he will soon be involved in a project for MediaCorp TV Channel 8 (even if he'll be based in Kuala Lumpur for three months).

"I'm sure it'll be an entirely new learning experience," he said.

The actor-singer turned blonde for his album, and confessed that blondes, indeed, have more fun. On what he'd love to do next to his mane, the 28-year-old candidly replied: "Maybe dreadlocks someday. Or some other crazy colour. Or both."

It's obvious that this guy isn't afraid to take risks but he prefers to be true to himself when it comes to style.

How would you describe your style philosophy?

I generally like keeping things classy, simple and understated, but with at least one statement piece (or) accessory.

Was there a fashion phase that you regret?

Skinny jeans. Not really a phase I was into per se. Rather, I was coerced into it. I always feel like a walking ba zhang (dumpling) when I'm asked to wear skinny jeans. It's uncomfortable and not always flattering. I don't have the skinniest legs around due to dance and exercise, and I feel like I have a constant wedgie when I wear them. Leave the leggings to the ladies.

What current fashion trend on the streets do you think is faux pas?

Anything that causes you to moon somebody. The moon belongs in the sky, not on the average a**. It's embarrassing and not pretty.

What is your favourite item in your closet right now?

I can't live without my G-Star jeans and, of course, Ray-Bans are perfect for concealing dark circles.

What fashion tips do you have for our readers?

Don't follow fashion trends blindly. Be comfortable and find something that works for you, because fashion is expression and it should be something that reflects oneself.

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