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5 questions with Selena Li

5 questions with Selena Li

Selena Li

SINGAPORE — How can you tell what a person is like? Well, if you’re actress Selena Li, you just need to look at their footwear.

“I think a pair of shoes is very important. A lot of times when you meet people, you can tell what kinda person they are by their shoes,” said the Hong Kong-born Canadian star.

“It’s not just me,” she added. “I have an uncle who is really into shoes. He said that you can totally tell (by their) shoes. If I meet someone or go on a date, I do look at their shoes! You can wear something really nice but if the shoes are ugly, it just doesn’t look nice. It’s like the icing on the cake. It makes the whole look complete.”

The TVB artiste has starred in popular Hong Kong dramas such as Forensic Heroes II and The Life And Times Of A Sentinel, and can currently be seen in MediaCorp TV Channel 5’s Spouse For House, her first English-language TV show. Although Li can speak English, she said acting in an English comedy was a different kettle of fish.

“I always spoke English when I was a kid with my friends growing up, but acting in English was a bit weird for me,” she said. “When you’re doing an expression or saying a line in English, it’s a bit different (than) in Cantonese. It took me a little while to get used to it. I had to read my lines out loud and try to say the same lines in different ways. But now, I’m used to it.”

Q: So what is it about you and shoes, really?

A: I’ve actually cut down on buying shoes because I just keep donating a lot of my high heels. I just feel like I’m wasting so much — not just money — but I feel like I’m wasting a lot of resources. I used to buy shoes like crazy. And I would have to throw away closets and closets of shoes whenever I moved. Now, I’ve set this rule where if I buy one pair, I would have to throw away another. And I have to imagine a piece or set of clothing that I can match it with, so I won’t easily buy them.

Q: Which pair is your favourite?

A: This guy whom I used to date, he knows I’m crazy about shoes. So he actually took a pair of my shoes and went to all the different shops. He found one pair that was the right size and he ordered it as a birthday present. I think just the fact that he went from shop to shop trying to find that perfect high heel for me was really sweet. It happened a very long time ago but I would never throw that pair away because I think it’s very meaningful and I think a lot of heart and time went into that pair of shoes.


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