Alan Tern

by Lynette Koh, TODAY

SINCE winning Star Search in 2001, MediaCorp artiste Alan Tern has appeared in a slew of Channel 8 drama serials, including Portrait Of Home and The Golden Path. The 34-year-old actor, who is married to fellow MediaCorp artiste Priscelia Chan, can currently be seen in the dramedy Mrs P.I. What viewers may not know, however, is that Tern also runs an eyewear distribution company, which recently produced the first eyewear collection for Crocs.

Does your eyewear collection for Crocs look anything like the shoes?

Singapore is the first country in the world to have Crocs eyewear. The debut collection incorporates the brand's unique style and creative design, in terms of colours, shapes, materials and comfort. The collection will be launched at the end of the month in leading optical shops island-wide.

Crocs shoes have a rep for being comfy but not being particularly attractive. Do you own any?

I have four pairs, including beach sandals, canvas casual shoes and sneakers. I think it's not fair to say they are not stylish. Their current range is very diverse, and my personal take is that they dare to be different.

What is your biggest shopping weakness?

My wife says I buy a lot of shoes for a man. I have a soft spot for white shoes - I have six pairs. My most expensive shoes are black leather formal shoes which cost about $300, and are now just (a breeding ground for) fungus.

You sound like quite the shopper ...

I am actually not much of a shopper. (Laughs) I'm all about functionality and practicality. Before I get anything, I will find out roughly where to get it, and I zoom in and out in a jiffy.

Are you like that when shopping with Priscelia?

We shop together occasionally now - we did so more often when we were courting. (Laughs) I am a totally different shopper when I'm with my wife. I'm pretty patient when she is in the fitting room, and I'll ask her, "Is it nice, baby?" Shopping is more enjoyable with my wife's company - although I'm sometimes secretly glad when she goes to the ladies' shoes department because there are chairs.