Magic Babe Ning

Text & Photos: Shah Salimat

On January 7, Magic Babe Ning and J C Sum will attempt a world record of reading 100 minds in one sitting. Dubbed as "the ultimate social magic experiment", The Mind Heist will also be their first illusion streamed live on the Internet.

In an interview with xinmsn on December 15 at Sinema Old School's theatre - the location for the illusion -, the illusionists shared their intent to reinvent the perception of magic by including the audience as a major factor in the illusion's success.

"People want to participate; they no longer want to be passive. We have to work our magic around their content that they create - just like how social media is now," explained Ning.

J C stated further: "It doesn't just have to be "Watch me, the magician on stage, pull the rabbit out of the hat". The audience now has become the central active role. How do we as magicians embrace that? We feel magic should move forward."