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Choosing the right bra: the 5 commandments

Choosing the right bra: the 5 commandments

SINGAPORE — Choosing the right bra for a woman’s body shape (and wardrobe) can be quite a daunting task. There are many questions one might have — does it mean that my cup size is small if I were a 32D? Can I wear a lace bra with my regular T-shirt? Here are five commandments to live by when it comes to getting that perfect bra.

1. IT’S OKAY TO BE CONFUSED ABOUT YOUR BRA SIZE. Yes, you heard right. Body shape can fluctuate every other month due to a whole myriad of reasons (stress, diet, hormonal changes) and naturally, cup sizes change, too. What you can do to ensure the right fit is to go for a professional bra fitting session every half a year. Hey, it’s free!

2. DETERMINE THE RIGHT BRA SIZE FOR YOURSELF. There are four things to look out for trying on a bra, according to lingerie brand La Senza: Centre Gore, Band, Straps and Cup. The Centre Gore — the middle part of the bra between the two cups — should sit comfortably against your chest. The Band should be parallel to the floor and anchored securely on the body. You should be able to fit two fingers comfortably underneath the band on the middle hook and eye. The straps should be adjusted as needed for a comfortable fit and sit securely on the shoulders. And lastly, breasts should be fully contained and resting comfortably in the cups.

Choosing the right bra: the 5 commandments

3. MEASURE UP. How do you determine your vital stats? All you really need is a trusty tape measure. La Senza recommends you place the tape measure around your rib cage, directly underneath your bust. Stay relaxed to achieve an accurate reading. To measure your cup size, place the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust, at nipple level. Hold the tape measure securely around your bust, one finger from the bust. Remember: The tape measure has to be parallel to the floor such that it’s held straight against your body.

4. MATCH YOUR BRA WITH YOUR OUTFIT. For example, never wear a lace bra with a fitted T-shirt because the result might be unsightly. Instead, go for a T-shirt bra that provides a seamless finish.

5. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BRA. Throwing your favourite bra into the washing machine, even after putting it into a mesh bag, alters the shape of the bra after a while. Always try to hand wash your bra. Add a bit of softening detergent and gently rub the inner straps, band and wiring. To dry it, clench your fist, place the bra cup on it and delicately pat it till it isn’t dripping wet. As always, read the care label — it’s there for a reason — and take good care of your investment.

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