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Embarrassing beauty problems - solved

Too shy to ask?

Girl covering her face with her hands (© Getty Images)
  • Girl covering her face with her hands (© Getty Images)
  • Acne on back (© REX/Media for Medical / UIG)
  • Scrub on back (© IMAGE SOURCE/Rex Features)
  • Woman in bikini (© Diego Alvarez de Toledo/Getty Images)
  • Tweezers (© REX/Caiaimage)
  • Woman with stretch marks on stomach (© Joel Carillet/Getty Images)
  • Woman rubbing cream in pregnant stomach (© Ian Hooton/Science Photo Libra)
  • Woman with dandruff (© The Power of Forever Photography)
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Everyone experiences embarrassing beauty problems now and then – but who do you ask for advice if you’re too shy to speak to your beauty therapist?

From dandruff to back acne, read on for our guide to common beauty problems, what causes them and what you can do to fix them.

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