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Mia Maestro on the art of bewitching

The up-and-coming Hollywood star shares secrets on working the femme fatale charm

Mia Maestro

Text: Loh Chuan Junn
Photos: Unilever Singapore

Her name might seem unfamiliar, but if you're a fan of vampire tales, her face would surely strike an impression.

Widely touted to be the next Elizabeth Taylor, it wasn't until recently that Argentine actress Mia Maestro had the entertainment industry take notice of her, after starring as Carmen the vampire in "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -Part 1".

The 33-year-old is also the voice behind "Llovera", a song that was featured on the soundtrack of the film.

Recently in town for the unveiling of Lux Body Foam's "Bewitch" campaign, which Mia is spokesperson for, xinmsn sat down for a tête-à-tête session with the actress where she dished out advice on how to be attractive.
"I think that a woman looks beautiful when she's confident," she said pensively, "People become bewitching when they feel strong, confident, and sure of themselves."

For Mia, the key to attaining confidence is learning how to be focused on oneself.

"When you are able to be at peace and in tune with yourself, then other people will also become in tune with you," she added.

So sure of herself is Mia that she readily scrapped a self-composed campaign song when she felt that it did not complement the visuals of the commercial.

Mia Maestro

The Buenos Aires born actress ended up having to pen a second piece for the campaign, which would be heard in relevant commercials starring the artiste.

"It's an interesting song...a little bit dark and also a little bit open in terms of lyrics," explained Mia, sharing the message of self-confidence and strength.

The multi-talented artist is currently adding the finishing touches to her first solo album that is slated for release at the end of the year.

Being a fan of fragrance herself, Mia also stressed on the importance of using fragrance in upping the charm factor for women.

Mia Maestro

"I have always been very scent-driven...and I'm quite a fan of (floral scents like) roses, lavender, violet and jasmine."

Similarly, a spokesperson for leading fragrance house, Givaudan, the brains behind the body wash agreed, citing sustainability as a key demand of fragrance consumers.

"Certainly, consumers would hope for scents to last for a minimum of at least one to two hours and would like it if it could even last for the whole work day."

For Mia, on the other hand, scents play an important "trigger role" in getting others to remember you.

"Fragrance is like liquid memories, it takes you to places from your past (to present)...scents are really, really powerful," she concluded.

Lux Magical Spell body wash is now available at all leading retail stores.


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