The Mind Heist

Text & Photos: Shah Salimat

It was a nail-biting finish in a race against the clock. Several hiccups plagued a smooth finish and there were times when the magicians said aloud to each other: "I can't do this."

In the end, their perseverance paid off and history was made as Singapore magic duo J C Sum and Magic Babe Ning successfully nabbed a world record for reading 100 minds in 60 minutes on January 7 at Sinema Old School.

This was part of their latest mega-illusion, The Mind Heist. The hour-long illusion consisted of a series of mental stunts performed to a live audience at the Sinema Old School theatre. The audience participated in all the illusions, ranging from deciphering hidden words to hidden paths on a map.

xinmsn found out from the duo after their illusion that they got slightly flustered as timekeepers signalled time was running out. Said J C: "During our run-throughs, we actually clocked 45 minutes. That's the thing about these mega-illusions: you do so much to rehearse, but there's no way to get it right all the time in front of a live audience."

"This is something we do for the arts to put Singapore on the world map. If we can do so in an innovative way such a record like this, that's our motivation. We don't worry too much about the skeptics," quipped J C.

The Singapore Book of Records was present to adjudicate the event. Said president Mr Ong Eng Huat: "The greatest magicians are always creating bigger, bolder, more challenging records. J C Sum and Magic Babe Ning are one of the most impressive and original magicians out there."

For their efforts, the Singapore chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians awarded the duo as Patrons of Magic for their contributions to Singapore's arts scene. Ning revealed the duo will go on a world tour and she will publish a book sometime this year.

Click through our photogallery for scenes of The Mind Heist and catch the duo in action!