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Prettyfit’s Sophia Ng: Shoes need to feel great, too

Prettyfit’s Sophia Ng: Shoes need to feel great, too

SINGAPORE — For Sophia Ng, founder of Prettyfit, shoes aren’t just a symbol of refinement; they are also a subtle indication of one’s happiness and self-confidence.

And she had this in mind when she established the company 20 years ago. Ng said her approach was to “take some time to craft a more specific direction for the brand”, so her shoes would not only look great but also feel great.

ettyfit Sophia Ng

Prettyfit’s Sophia Ng believes that confidence is beauty, and there’s never a right or wrong when it comes to fashion.


“We don’t go overboard in our designs. I like shoes that are easy to put on and comfortable to wear. We stick by our direction of providing on-trend fuss-free shoes with comfort always on our minds,” she said.

The brand’s ever-evolving sense of style is carved by Ng’s constant search for influence and inspiration. “I look at shoes by different designers, from top-end ones to the second liners, learning something from all of them each time,” she said, attributing her clarity of mind when designing shoes to a good session of meditation. “The feeling of bliss, sense of peace and immense happiness that come with a good session of meditation is hard to describe. It helps me see things with improved sharpness and precision.”

However, being a shoe designer wasn’t Ng’s initial career choice. Graduating with a degree in Finance and Decision Science, Ng first worked as an internal auditor at a bank.

“It obviously didn’t suit me and I didn’t stay long in it,” she said.

The banking world’s loss is fashion’s gain. Currently, Prettyfit is in 10 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Mauritius and the Philippines.


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