Thursday, 18 July 2013 12:30 | By Junn Loh

How to ace the Addams family inspired look

Look creepy, kooky and mysteriously sexy with a wearable gothic look!

The Addams Family

M.A.C senior makeup artist, Beno Lim (right), demonstrates how to achieve a wearable goth day look at the brand's event.

With eerie dark eyes, pale skin and jet-black long hair, the “Morticia” look is one that is distinctive of the popular American series The Addams Family. However, there is only a thin line between looking wayang (Malay for ‘pretentious’) and immaculate for this makeup style. Do it well and you appear chic, make a mistake and you end up looking as though you thought Halloween came early.

Now with the comedy musical The Addams Family playing in Singapore, we met up with the guru behind the casts’ makeup, M.A.C senior makeup artist, Beno Lim, and learned how to look like a celebrity goth bombshell without looking too OTT.

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