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5 questions with actress Tavia Yeung

5 questions with actress Tavia Yeung

Tavia Yeung

Tavia Yeung, Kinohimitsu’s brand ambassador

SINGAPORE — Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to skincare. That’s what Tavia Yeung, Kinohimitsu’s brand ambassador, believes.

And, yes, that includes drinking loads of water and taking oral beauty supplements too, said the personable Hong Kong actress. She was recently in town to make an appearance as the spokesperson for the health and beauty drink brand, which she claims has been an indispensable aid in maintaining her flawless complexion as she copes with her hectic filming schedule.

“Kinohimitsu J’pan MindRelax Drink aids in relaxing my mind so that I can easily fall asleep at night. During summer, I drink Kinohimitsu UV White to protect my skin from the strong sunlight,” said the TVB artiste.

Q: Besides Kinohimitsu, what else keeps you looking radiant and healthy?

A: I drink a lot of water every day ... Other than that, the most important “beauty product” is my mum’s home-cooked soup.

Q: Could you share more about your skincare regime?

A: As women, we cannot be lazy and must keep in mind the steps to protect our skin, such as cleansing, toning, moisturising and using a mask. Every day, I will spend some time to take care of my skin before heading out.

Q: Tell us more about your personal style.

A: I would describe my personal style as simple and happy. I would choose a smart casual look for my daily outfit as it’s very comfortable and simple.

Q: Do you have a style tip you live by?

A: I don’t really have any special tip. Just wear something comfortable and an outfit that suits you and you will definitely look good. You don’t have to follow others as we all have our own unique style. Simply select something that suits you and one that you like.

Q: What about a beauty tip?

A: Like I mentioned earlier, we cannot be lazy, even for one day. Know how to release stress because stress can actually affect your skin. Try to spend some time to do something relaxing. For example, do some household chores or read. Most importantly, drink more water and home-cooked soup.

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