12 December 2013 07:30 | By Denise Ngo
Style showdown: Disney princesses

Now that Frozen has added two more princesses to Disney's canon, we look at how the studio's most glamorous lineup of characters stack up against each other in style

Style showdown: Disney princesses (© Disney)
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It’s official: princesses are back. Despite people's low expectations, Disney’s Frozen has charmed audiences and critics, inspiring the media to call it Disney’s best animated flick since The Lion King. And this time, Disney has added not one, but two princesses to its official lineup: plucky, freckle-faced Anna, a princess desperate for love and friendship; and Queen Elsa, the stern older sister capable of conjuring snow with magic.

So how do they stack up against the other Disney princesses? While we could spend all day discussing their agency, independence, and other factors associated with the great “princess debate” (that is, whether or not Disney princesses are bad role models for little girls), we’re going to nitpick something far more serious: their fashion sense. While character designs and personalities have evolved over time, as in the real world, there are some trends that keep reoccurring –  red hair, electric blue ball gowns, and capes, just to name a few.

Keep reading to see how we rated Ariel’s red hair against Merida’s, Tiana’s updo against Cinderella’s, and Aurora’s pink gown against Rapunzel’s.

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