03 June 2014 17:30 | By Denise Ngo
YUM: Food-inspired fashion enters the spotlight

Fashion inspired by food

Fashion inspired by food
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For its 25th anniversary bash a couple of weeks ago, Magnum not only unveiled a new limited edition champagne flavour, but they showcased a dress inspired by the beloved chocolate ice cream bar itself. The dress, titled “Decadence Cracked”, was created by local designer Pauline Ning, who made it in just four days.

In an interview with xinmsn, Pauline told us that she designed the dress to look indulgent, yet classy – to resemble a melted ice cream bar without looking like a Halloween costume. The result? A deceptively simple one-of-a-kind statement dress made of leather.

“We really wanted to look for materials that can be translated from the ice cream – to look for a material that looks like chocolate,” she said. “Other that that, we were sure of what we wanted to do for Magnum.”

“I’ve never really thought about my garments related to food,” Pauline said. “But I was quite pleased that it gelled with our other pieces on the runway.”

While this was the first time Pauline has ever combined her designs with chocolate, the Magnum dress was only one of several food-inspired fashions to have emerged in the spotlight lately. Moschino debuted clothes inspired by fast food at Milan Fashion Week this year, while Karl Lagerfeld turned the Chanel runway into an upscale grocery store. Meanwhile, pop stars like Katy Perry have been wearing cupcake-inspired concert outfits for years.

So what’s behind the trend? Runway fashion and concert outfits are consciously distinctive. Food, as the one thing that unites all of society, is not. Marrying the two makes for an act of playful subversion, which makes the outfits even more worthy of a performance.

Click through to see more photos of dresses, concert outfits, and even handbags inspired by (or made of) food.

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