Updated: Sunday, 18 November 2012 11:30 | By Lynette Koh, ilovebooks

5 Body Language Reads

5 Body Language Reads

There are some lies we are generally glad to hear: These include statements such as “No, darling, you don’t look fat,” “Of course your mother is welcome to visit us,” and “Your baby is so adorable!” For the most, these harmless little white lies let us get through the day without beating each other to a pulp.

On the other hand, knowing when someone is fibbing can be useful: For example, does your boss really think your proposal is worth further thought, or is that folder going straight into the wastebasket? And is your other half telling the truth about how s/he has been spending all those mysterious late nights out?

Don’t just listen to what they say: These books will teach you how to better understand body language, enabling you to more effectively read non-verbal cues, which can be more reliable than the words coming out from someone’s mouth.

Aside from lie detection, there are also books that will make you more aware of your own unspoken signals, and improve the way you communicate with others in subtle yet effective ways. After all, you’re not the only one watching.


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