Friday, 07 December 2012 14:18 | By Lynette Koh

5 books with dead narrators

Narrated by those who are no longer with us, these novels show that dead men – and women – do tell tales


It’s commonly said that the dead can’t talk — and what a pity. Because there is so much one would want to know about their posthumous experiences: Like, when do they first realise they’re no longer alive? Is there a heaven and a hell? And what do they do all day, whichever place they’re in?

Clearly, several novelists have also pondered the question of what the dead would say if they could talk, and have woven stories told by a narrator who has already passed on.

From murder victims recounting their own grisly deaths to a 13-year-old navigating hell (the literal one, not the figurative one in which so many teenagers apparently dwell), these stories prove one thing: Some of the most interesting narrative voices come from beyond the grave.

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