21 December 2012 16:49
11 ways to charm your partner without the mistletoe

Do not pull the cheesy tricks this Christmas and have some originality, will you?

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Text: Shah Salimat
Images: Getty

Sipping eggnog in the morning, unwrapping presents together, wearing couple Christmas sweaters, whispering sweet nothings over a Christmas set dinner at a fancy restaurant and holding that lighted toy that flickers every second while you hold hands and traipse down through the fake snow at Orchard Road – if this is your idea of a Christmas date, you are a sad excuse for a human being.

We are not channeling the Grinch over here in the xinmsn newsroom, but we have seen and tolerated far too many outdated and cheesy Christmas tricks that couples do in the holiday season. If looking for a change-up is your cup of tea, listen up: here are our tips to making it a great day without ever needing to use that leafy bait for a pucker.