21 December 2012 16:49
11 ways to charm your partner without the mistletoe

Do not pull the cheesy tricks this Christmas and have some originality, will you?

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Don’t overreact to the entire Christmas-y vibe

Let’s face it: Christmas isn’t exactly a gigantic lovey-dovey affair. While it is nice to throw a special day, the cheesiness of following every single Christmas tradition may throw off what could be a great day of spending time together. That means laying off the couple Christmas sweaters or piling on the one-liner odes to the occasion. Go easy on the Christmas and treat it more like a great day with the person you love.

No, you are not allowed to quote from the story of Christmas. For God’s sake, that Christmas text timed at exactly 12am with nary a second off is annoying as well. Don’t do it.