21 December 2012 16:49
11 ways to charm your partner without the mistletoe

Do not pull the cheesy tricks this Christmas and have some originality, will you?

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Cook if you can

We know you have a busy life, you boardroom go-getter. However, it is a nice gesture to take the added effort to make something nicer and more sincere. How about skipping the restaurants and making something from scratch? It’s a great way to make something memorable and to remind your other half that, of course, you are the better cook (wink wink, nudge nudge).

If your skills in the kitchen are horrible, pick up a caterer who prepares basic ingredients and mixes or try a foolproof dessert; trifles are a good way out. If you really have to go to a restaurant, just don’t buy the Christmas set meal. It is corny, tacky and will not score you brownie points.