06 February 2013 19:04 | By Tammi Cherise Tan
Red hot or 'fraid not: The angpaos of 2013

Searing scarlet and orient-kissed touches are this season's staple - but which angpao designs of 2013 prospered, and which ones... didn't?

Red hot or 'fraid not: The angpaos of 2013.
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Another year, another slew of printed paper packets sashaying down the lantern-flanked red carpet (go ahead and picture that in your head), hoping to catch eyes and turn heads with their bold palettes and gilded finishes. While last season's starlets seemed to favour garish colour clashes (perhaps to reflect the overall "in your face"-ness of the Dragon), the year of the svelte Snake seems to have encouraged a slightly more subtle - but no less dramatic - approach from these contenders. Click through to see which A[ngpao]-listers we've certified red hot, and which ones to which we've said, "Sorry, hun; 'fraid not!"

Do note that this post is complete satire and is only meant to entertain, not to insult or offend. So just have a quick click through and have fun!