hakka cuisine

WHERE: WEI WEI TRADITIONAL HAKKA CUISINE - 20, Jalan Sagu 36, Taman Daya, JB 81100. Tel: 016-7431029 (Michelle Ng)
Opening hours: 7:30am-4pm (Daily, closed on Mon)
What to eat: Lei Cha (RM 4.50), White Fungus Barley Longan Drink (RM 1.80), Special Chin Chow Drink (RM 1.80)

Wei Wei offers traditional fare that's nutritious yet tasty. Synonymous with being Hakka, the Lei Cha (Thunder Tea Rice) here transcends its own culture - shown by the non-stop crowds that keep filing in and out even after lunch. For the uninitiated, the magic of Lei Cha happens by mixing a special tea (cha) paste into a bowl of rice, vegetables and peanuts. A surprise awaits you as the cha here offers a striking fragrant tea taste.

One of his favourite lunch places, Mr Ng, 32, says, "This cha has more flavour and combining it with rest of ingredients is wonderful. Great healthy meal!"

Indeed, every bowl's generous portion of ingredients and paste permeates every mouthful with a burst of different flavours. Serves well as a light meal keeping after-lunch nods away. This shop also serves Yong Tau Foo (assorted tofu and vegetables) - another favourite of healthy eaters. For drinks, try White Fungus Barley Longan which is not too sweet and relieves heatiness. With fast-moving tables, try to go early as things fly off the stove quick.