Thursday, 02 January 2014 10:30 | By Serene Lim and Hon Jing Yi

Food gods of Singapore

Who and what shook our world when it came to wining and dining

It’s that time of the year where we eat, make merry and decide where to eat again. Everybody knows that food is such a huge obsession here: This year alone, we had more fervent discussions over hawker heritage, intense culinary Instagramming and artisanal breads than we could make time for. And as the year draws to its close, we thought it was apt to celebrate Singapore’s food gods — the people who have been instrumental in many of this year’s top food trends, from gourmet ice cream to cupcakes to hawker food.

Taking our cue from Time magazine’s Gods Of Food article, we’ve come up with our own 13 personalities who changed the game here. These people have influenced our palettes, raised the stakes and altered our food landscape in far-reaching and irrevocable ways.

mee pok man

The mee pok man from 132 Mee Pok is as iconic as our other hawker legends. Photo: xinmsn


We didn’t need chefs like Gordon Ramsay (who took on our hawkers in Singtel’s Hawker Heroes challenge in July) or Anthony Bourdain (who popped by for the inaugural World Street Food Congress in June) to tell us how good our hawker food is. We’ve known that for the longest time. And when we say “mee pok man” we aren’t referring just to that particular noodle seller (thanks, Eric Khoo), but all our unsung wok stars: The zhi char cooks, the prata man, the mee rebus auntie, et al. They shaped our national food identity and consciousness — they should be applauded.


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