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A gym experience like no other at Virgin Active

Experience a gym incomparable to any other at Virgin Active.

A gym experience like no other at Virgin Active

With 270 outlets spanning across the globe, the world renown Virgin Active gym finally lands its feet on Singapore soil on 11 October 2013.

A gym experience like no other at Virgin Active

Virgin Active provides a spacious and hospital environment for members to fully enjoy their time at the gym. (Photo credit: Virgin Active).

Located at One Raffles Place across three levels, the 33,000 square foot club is one of the biggest in Singapore and is set to change the way people get fit, both physically and mentally.

Each area is designed specifically with its user in mind to ensure maximum comfort and a full on gyming experience. Such rooms at Virgin Active include an ionized salt room, anti-gravity yoga room and several other spaces for high intensity interval training and spin classes.

A gym experience like no other at Virgin Active

Spin classes at Virgin Active include an audio and visual accompaniment that changes every few weeks to keep things fresh. (Photo credit: Virgin Active).

So far, our favourite equipment pieces at Virgin Active are the ARTIS line of Android powered fitness equipment from Technogym.

Each piece of ARTIS equipment is designed for connectivity, allowing members access to his or her own world: training programmes, training data track record, web bookmarks, apps, and social networks.

A gym experience like no other at Virgin Active

Whether you want to plug in your iPod, connect with your friends on Facebook or even Skype call your friends, these thread mills can help you do all of that while you keep fit. (Photo credit: Virgin Active).

In addition, it employs cloud technology, so members can track their workouts wherever they are in the world. What’s more, the equipment will alert you if you’re going too fast or too slow, much like a personal trainer.

If you’re not so fond of working out on your own, there are several classes each day that you may book online and enjoy. Each of these classes are intimate and trainers are on hand to assist and guide you.

A gym experience like no other at Virgin Active

Execute fusion yoga moves gracefully in air while being suspended on silk hammocks in this fun and challenging yoga class at Virgin Active. (Photo credit: Virgin Active).

After your work out, relax and rejuvenate yourself at the relax and recovery zones in the gym. We love how towels, gym clothes and even hair straighteners and hair dryers are provided in the gym so that you’ll never have to worry about bringing your own things or looking unkempt.

A gym experience like no other at Virgin Active

Each member at Virgin Active gets a keycard that also serves as a mode of payment and a key to their lockers. (Photo credit: Virgin Active).

Besides an ultra clean and expansive area, the lockers provided in the gym are ingeniously crafted for you to fit in your clothes without having to fold them and is big enough for you to fit in your shoes and other necessities.

A gym experience like no other at Virgin Active

Real ice is dispensed in a tub for you to apply onto your body to rid yourself of excess lactic acid. (Photo credit: Virgin Active).

To avoid muscle aches and strains, the gym also has steam and ice rooms so that your body will naturally rid itself of excess lactic acid after training. In addition, there are experience showers and footbaths with complimentary use of bathrobes provided.

In the salt room, ionized salts help to aid in the rejuvenation of skin and purify’s one respiratory system.

A gym experience like no other at Virgin Active

The salt room features ionized salt bricks on the walls. (Photo credit: Virgin Active).

Busy executives would be glad to know that Virgin Active also has sleep pods that allow you to steal some nap time in between hectic meetings.

Come February, Virgin Active will introduce Zumba® Step to their bag of exciting classes.

Zumba® Step elevates the fitness party with a gravity-defying blend of Zumba® flavour, step aerobics variations and fitness movements set to infectious global beats. With a following of 15 million in more than 180 countries, Zumba® fans can expect to feel the burn in targeted areas like glutes and legs for a lower-body sculpting workout that is easy-to-follow and yields amazing results.

For membership prices, check out the Virgin Active site

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