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Create your own scent with Fragrance Du Bois

Create your own scent with Fragrance Du Bois

They say that the ultimate luxury is the ability to customise everything according to your needs and wants.

From suits to shoes and bags, the art of modifying a certain thing to perfectly fit you is the epitome of extravagance. And now, such power can be in your hands with your favourite scent.

Create your own scent with Fragrance Du Bois

These Fragrance Du Bois pens are great for carrying around and traveling. (Photo credit: Fragrance Du Bois).

Hailing from the fine shores of France, perfumery house, Fragrance Du Bois specializes in creating the ultimate fragrance for clients.

Crafted by fifth generation perfumers from the 17th century, all Frangrance Du Bois fragrances are created using 100 percent pure, organic Oud oil and other sustainably-sourced ingredients.

“We didn’t want to be just another brand name on a shelf and be lost in a saturated market,” says Nicola Parker, Brand Director for Fragrance Du Bois.

Create your own scent with Fragrance Du Bois

The all encompassing Fragrance Du Bois traveling trunk allows experts to create scents for clients on the spot. (Photo credit: Fragrance Du Bois).

“Fragrance is a personal subject. We want each customer to feel special and be sure of their choice of fragrance, so we have developed a very different approach to product selection and a personalised service for our clients.”

The bespoke service involves a perfume specialist who will guide clients on a journey towards a fragrance that best matches his or her personality using olfactory immersion and a colour fragrance wheel. The client will then have his or her chosen fragrance hand-blended on the spot.

Create your own scent with Fragrance Du Bois

The Shades Du Bois perfumes retail at $350 for 50ml. (Photo credit: Fragrance Du Bois).

Besides the service, Fragrance Du Bois also has ready to wear perfumes that seeks inspiration from the seven colours of the rainbow, called Shades Du Bois.

As colours evoke moods and create connections with certain aromas the  French perfumers created fragrances each conveying a variety of harmonious and complementary moods and characteristics. An eighth fragrance, Oud Noir Intense – created by a fifth generation perfumer from France’s famed perfume region of Grasse – was launched in late 2013, and is a dark, mysterious and exciting addition to the mood spectrum.

Currently, bespoke services are available by appointment at the perfumery’s offices and costs $120 for a consultation and a 15ml bespoke scent.

OUE Bayfront 50 Collyer Quay #06-05. +65 6634 4707.

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