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Giveaway: Tickets to Singapore Lyrical Opera’s Madama Butterfly

Here’s your chance to win tickets to witness one of the most performed operas in the world

Set in Nagasaki, Japan, “Madama Butterfly” relays the tragic love story shared between Cio-Cio san, a geisha who is also known as Butterfly, and her dashing American paramour, U.S Navy Lieutenant B.F Pinkerton. However, instead of the cliché happily-ever-after ending, the story slowly metamorphoses into one that is melancholic and heart-wrenching.

Directed by acclaimed Andrew Sinclair (resident director of Royal Opera, Covent Garden) and featuring a dynamic cast from Singapore, Spain, Philippines, Japan and Australia, Madama Butterfly is a modern twist on a story of love, lust and loss which promises to leave you enthralled. Watch as the story unravels in Italian with English and Chinese surtitles.

So, why should Singaporeans watch Madama Butterfly? We'll let the crew and cast of the Singapore Lyric Opera tell you the reasons.

Andrew Sinclair (Director) :” They will experience Puccini's music in all its glory, but hopefully, they will also gain a deeper insight into Butterfly's tragedy, and understand that it is something more than just a romantic story.”

Ng Siew Eng (General Manager of SLO): “The beautiful music is something that endures with time; it never gets old and no one ever gets tired of these lovely tunes.”

Mako Nishimoto (cast for Madama Butterfly):"Opera is a live performance. You will never see same stage and same music again. You will never see the same performance again. This time, we have a special style with a mixture of many cultures."

Israel Lozano (cast for Lieutenant B.F Pinkerton): "Madama Butterfly is a 'real hit' for the classical opera music and is a 'hit love story' with a lasting impact at the end of the performance. This opera combines the passion of classical music, theatre and art design."  

Christopher Chua (Set Designer): "The main driving force of my design comes from the exotic lure of the East that captivated millions including Puccini, Pinkerton, Cio-Cio-san and myself. In this reconstruction, it reflects the exotic lure of the East that seduces Pinkerton and the isolated world that Cio-Cio-san lives in."


Lifestyle Asia is giving away 3 pairs of S$88 tickets (2nd category) worth S$546 in total to Singapore Lyric Opera's Madama Butterfly for 4 February 2013 at the Esplanade Theatre. To win, simply tell us the name of the actress portraying Madama Butterfly, and email your answer to with your full name, IC number and contact details before 28th January 2013. Good luck!

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