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Instagram Me: Willabelle Ong of Pale Division

Instagram Me: Willabelle Ong of Pale Division

Going by the whimsical handle of willamazing on Instagram, Willabelle Ong is equal parts fashion IT girl and insightful lifestyle blogger and creative influencer. Born and bred in Singapore, and currently based in Australia, Willabelle has an impressive repertoire of having worked with brands such as Gucci and Longines.

Now a freelance writer and consultant, a day in Willabelle’s life is never boring. We find out what a typical day in the jet setting style icon’s life is like through her Instagram snaps:

Early morning wake up. Guess who has a flight to catch? Anyway, there’s always time to arrange the table and make sure Mr Karl Lagerfield is ok.

It is too early to be awake and the white walls are blinding me. But I have to wash up and have morning tea with the family. Pronto.

How many shoes can I cram into a week’s worth of luggage space? And how many do I really need? Help!

Oh, and then there are accessories. How much is too much? Let’s not find out.

Be right back Singapore! Tokyo is calling. I can never sleep on planes, hence the in-flight movie marathon commences now.

Well hello Tokyo. It appears you are still bright and sunny — thankfully.

No, I don’t care how dark you’re getting Tokyo. Please wait for me to get ready. And this is my room’s view from the 50th floor of Hyatt’s Andaz Hotel — in love!

A  quick selfie snap and Instagram check before I head out to explore Japan’s most beautiful city.

An outfit photo at the famous Shibuya crossing is only mandatory. The crowd is insane and everyone is so well-dressed!

It gets chilly, even in the Tokyo heat wave, and I have to put my blazer on. Shortly after, my Japanese friend mentions a sashimi dinner — and this is my reaction. All candid, I promise you.

We embark to Shinjuku, where we enter a humble Japanese restaurant. My first meal for the trip doesn’t disappoint. The sashimi is superbly fresh, and we play catch up over the course of dinner and sip green tea for hours.

I return to Shibuya and by this time, my body batteries are completely flat out due to zero hours of sleep. But still, I head out to the newly opened Robot Restaurant and spend the rest of my night replaying flashing lights in my head.

Keep up with the fashion escapades of Willabelle Ong on her Instagram account @willamazing , and on fashion and lifestyle site Pale Division.

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