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Keep Healthy This Year with the Latest Trend of Underwater Fitness

The latest in fitness trends promise a more effective workout

Keep Healthy This Year with the Latest Trend of Underwater Fitness

January is upon us (finally!) and most of you have probably come up with another list of new year's resolutions you're determined to stick to. If one of those is improving your health and fitness, you might want to pay attention to this new trend.

If the benefits of exercising in water are a mystery to you, there are some important factors to note. Resistance in water is 12 times higher than it is on land, which works your body harder to improve your cardiovascular system without overdoing it since your heart rate is 10% lower. It lets you burn up to 800 calories per hour of intensive training and even improves your skin at the same time. Here is a look at two machines that are specifically geared towards getting you on board these new exercise trends.

Hydrorider AquaBike

You don't have to be a star athlete to join in on the trend. It's a great solution if you're looking to push your performance levels without the adverse increased impact on your body.

The trend that originated in Europe goes by many names like AquaBiking, AquaSpinning, HydroBiking, and AquaCycling. It's not even more complex than it sounds, honestly. The concept is basically, cycling in a pool of water. The only difference is, your regular bicycles are in no way equipped for such a task. The specific Hydrorider AquaBike for use in swimming pools provides you with a range of exercises you can perform in water. It comes with three levels of resistance and lets you work on those arms and abs as well, all while staying cool in the water without the sweaty discomfort.

Hydrorider AquaTreadmill

Keep Healthy This Year with the Latest Trend of Underwater Fitness

The innovative 308 roll system of the Hydrorider AquaTreadmill lets you try out different exercise combinations, like sessions involving running or gliding exercises. 

Everyone knows the benefits of running and the perks of owning a treadmill. Running while submerged in water is not just for rehabilitation and sports injuries. It's surprising the trend isn't more widespread considering the advantages it has. If you're someone who likes to run, you're probably aware of how taxing the exercise can be, especially on your joints. Unlike pounding pavements, HydroRunning is a lot easier on the joints. The Hydrorider AquaTreadmill comes with a shock absorbing platform to ensure even less impact on the joints, and combined with the blood circulation benefits of running submerged in water, the next thing to do is to ask yourself why you aren't already using one.

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