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Review: En Japanese Dining Bar in Singapore

Review: En Japanese Dining Bar in Singapore

Synonymous with quality Japanese cuisine served in laid-back settings, En Group recently opened its fourth outlet, En Japanese Dining Bar at Alocassia.  Located at Alocassia Apartments in Bukit Timah, the 2,400 square foot joint is fashioned in a authentically Japanese manner – its wooden interior is complemented with Ryukyu Bingata or stencil dyed textiles imported from Okinawa. The restaurant also has five tatami rooms, along with a sushi and drinks bar.

Review: En Japanese Dining Bar in Singapore

Warm lighting and earthy wooden interiors sets the scene at En Japanese Dining Bar at Alocassia.

Priding itself as an expert in Okinawan cuisine, En Japanese Dining Bar at Alocassia imports most of the ingredients used from the city. Besides offering perennial favourites such as sashimi platters and yakitori, the En Japanese Dining Bar’s menu also surprises with some fusion dishes. Take the Goya Chanpuru for example, which features bitter gourd with luncheon meat, an ingredient that’s widely considered to be American in origin. The bitter gourd’s crunchy bite was complemented with the luncheon meat’s smooth texture. 

Review: En Japanese Dining Bar in Singapore

The fusion theme reigns with the Goya Chanpuru, which features an interesting mix of bitter gourd and luncheon meat. 

Another must-try is the En Japanese Dining Bar’s  Wasabi California Roll. While most of us are familiar with the original version, you’ll find seaweed oddly missing from En’s take on the popular item. Instead, the outer layer is replaced with wasabi. Definitely not recommended for those who aren’t fans of the spicy horseradish mustard. 

Review: En Japanese Dining Bar in Singapore

En Japanese Dining Bar @ Alocassia’s Shabu Shabu dish is a feast for the senses. 

A highlight at the En Japanese Dining Bar is the Hokkaido queen crabs, which are air flown weekly to the restaurant. Have it with the sweet vinegar sauce, a refreshing accompaniment to the succulent crab meat. The premium crustacean is also the star of the Shabu Shabu dish, and the En Japanese Dining Bar claims to the best purveyor of the dish in Singapore. The Shabu Shabu is available in beef, pork, chicken versions,  or a combination of all three meats.

Perfect for a gathering with friends with its sumptuous portions, these items are part of the main Queen Crab buffet, at S$68.

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En Japanese Dining Bar, 383 Bukit Timah Road, #01-01 Alocassia Apartments, Singapore 259727, 

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