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Updated: Friday, 25 January 2013 15:00 | By Min Yan,

Weekly Obsession: Shanghai Tang x Moleskin Collection for 2013

The Shanghai Tang x Moleskin diary is more than a weekly planner -- Feng Shui tips and insights anyone?

Weekly Obsession: Shanghai Tang x Moleskin Collection for 2013

We're not the most superstitious people around, but we're not going to deny the inexplicable sense of reassurance we get at the thought of touting around a diary that includes, amongst other bits of information, Feng Shui tips and insights from a Feng Shui master. Bonus point: the design of the diary isn't as tacky as we thought it'd have been; trust Shanghai Tang and Moleskin to collaborate on something so quintessentially Chinese and still manage to steer clear of stereotypical elements. 

The 2013 Shanghai Tang x Moleskin collection celebrates the year of the Snake with a limited edition series of a hardcover diary and three styles of notebooks, all exclusively designed in commemoration of the zodiac sign. These come in an embossed snakeskin print in various signature Shanghai Tang-inspired colour combinations of fuschia, lime, and navy -- each are then paired with a elastic page-holder in a vibrant contrasting colour. 

The highlight of the collection, of course, is the weekly planner/special Feng Shui diary that  includes unique Chinese features such as horoscopes for 2013, auspicious wedding dates, Feng Shui tips, and insights from Shanghai Tang’s official Feng Shui master, Mr. Koon Zhi Zheng, on how to live a healthy, prosperous life in the year of the snake. If you don't believe in any of that shebang, the plain notebooks in ruled and plain formats would work just fine as a space for your scribblings. 

The Shanghai Tang x Moleskin notebooks are now available at all Shanghai Tang boutiques in Singapore and priced at S$60 for the ruled and plain format, and S$75 for the Feng Shui Diary. 

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