Updated: 14 May 2014 16:45 | By Sarah Hecks
Nine fitness rules that were made to be broken

Tearing up the rule book

Woman getting ready to exercise (© pixdeluxe/Getty Images)
  • Woman getting ready to exercise (© pixdeluxe/Getty Images)
  • A woman in a spinning class (© REX/OJO Images)
  • A woman doing sit ups (© Ocean/Corbis)
  • A woman holding an ice pack on her neck (© George Doyle/Getty Images)
  • A woman doing yoga (© Ryan Lane/Getty Images)
  • A woman exercising using a kettlebell (© Barry Murphy/Getty Images)
  • Feet on scales (© Stockbyte/Getty Images)
  • Eggs (© Glenn Robertson/Getty Images)
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Knowing what's best for your body when it comes to exercise can be tough - especially when there is so much conflicting advice around. Here are nine fitness rules that we think were made to be broken…

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