Updated: 20 August 2014 17:15
16 freaky-looking foods in the field

Do you recognise these vegetables, fruits and spices?

Strange looking fruit and vegetables (© Multiple sources)
  • Strange looking fruit and vegetables (© Multiple sources)
  • Cashew nuts growing on the tree (© kurapy11/Getty Images)
  • Bitter melon fruit growing on tree (© pigphoto/Getty Images fotolinchen/Getty Images)
  • Red octopus-shaped mushrooms (© John van den Heuvel/ Buiten-beeld/Getty Images)
  • Cacoa pod growing on tree (© urf/Getty Images)
  • Wasabi roots (© Jonathan Austin Daniels/Getty Images)
  • Pineapples in field (© kynny/Getty Images)
  • Hands holding up peanut plant (© Noam Armonn/Getty Images)
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Nature is a wondrous thing and produces some pretty bizarre-looking food. From strange fruit to freaky fungi, how many of these fruit, vegetables and spices would you recognise growing on the tree or in the field?

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