03 April 2014 07:45 | By Yong Shu Chiang
Eating Healthy, Singapore-style

Sure, local cuisine can be sinful – but not always

Sure, local cuisine can be sinful – but not always (© Reuters)
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While it may no longer have the rich and diverse street-food culture still found at some of our Asian neighbours, Singapore remains without a doubt a food haven, where ‘sin’ can be wholeheartedly enjoyed, especially when it’s found in ‘cuisine’. (See what I did there?)

So, in this Fried Rice Paradise, where many of us tend to have a Happy Belly after mealtimes, you will be heartened to know that enjoying local fare, say char kuay teow, need not necessarily be ‘hum-ful’ (erm, detrimental) to your health.

After all, many hawkers – even if they are a tad grumpy, on occasion – are happy to cook with less oil, or more vegetables, upon request.  You can also ask for less rice, to better control your meal portions, lest you overeat. Yes, there are some makan trade-offs to be made when you want to eat healthy; but with some dishes, taste is not compromised much.

Anyway, what’s so bad about watching what you eat sometimes – it could mean you’ll hang around longer and be able to partake in more Singaporean goodies up into your Golden Years. To that, my stomach says yes!

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