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Eight signs your boyfriend is making you fat

Relationship weight gain

A woman stepping on weighing scales (© Getty Images)
  • A woman stepping on weighing scales (© Getty Images)
  • A couple eating burgers (© Getty Images)
  • A woman looking into fridge (© Getty Images)
  • A couple in bed (© PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou/Getty Images)
  • A man and woman exercising (© Getty Images)
  • A man watching a woman pick out clothes (© Getty Images)
  • A couple together (© Camille Tokerud/Getty Images)
  • Couple having dinner (© franckreporter/Getty Images)
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You've met the man of your dreams, he's whisked you off your feet, your friends love him, your mum wants him as a son-in-law and even your dad's grunted his approval. The only problem is, the happier you get, the tighter your jeans feel. Click through the gallery to find out the reasons why your boyfriend might be making you fat...

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