10 June 2014 08:00 | By Rachel Burge
10 ways to tackle anxiety

Keep calm

Anxious man (© Getty Images)
  • Anxious man (© Getty Images)
  • Shy man looking at woman (© Tadej Zupancic/Getty Images)
  • Woman stressed at work (© JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images)
  • Woman speaking through megaphone (© REX/OJO Images)
  • Woman talking to friend (© REX/Burger/Phanie)
  • Woman in yoga class (© Martin Sundberg/Corbis)
  • Hand holding alcohol and cigarette (© REX/Image Broker)
  • Woman in swimming pool (© Erik Isakson/Tetra Images)
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Worries are a normal part of day-to-day living but sometimes anxiety can start to take over. If your fears are keeping you awake at night or holding you back, these tips could help you keep your anxiety under control.

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