24 October 2012 07:15 | By Denise Ngo
10 most criticised celebrity bodies

10 most criticised celebrity bodies

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Text: Denise Ngo

Earlier this week, the internet went into a small flurry when the Taiwanese aboriginal singer, A-Mei, was photographed at the grand finals of “The Voice of China” looking a lot heftier than people remember. A-Mei has admitted that she packed on the pounds while recovering from an injured leg, which prevented her from exercising. Meanwhile, netizens have noted that the formerly trim 40-year-old lost her figure after opening her pub, “A Bar,” with her bartender boyfriend. Perhaps the singer’s had one too many alcoholic drinks? Everyone knows that booze is filled with useless calories, which only becomes harder to burn as you reach middle age.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that A-Mei’s new curves have eclipsed the amount of publicity she’s gotten for her new projects. Click through our gallery to read about more celebs who constantly suffer ridicule for their “unattractive” bodies.

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