13 March 2014 08:15 | By Denise Ngo
Young and healthy? Think again!

Body and Soul’s resident doctor, Associate Professor Carolyn Lam, gives us the skinny on what seemingly healthy young people can do to live even longer

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If you’re under the age of 25, you probably live as if you’re immortal. You smoke, you shun exercise, and you indulge in late-night suppers at least once a week. You know it’s unhealthy, but whatever. #YOLO.
Unfortunately, this line of thinking doesn’t fly with the doctors who one day have to treat you for a myriad of lifestyle-related health problems. When we spoke to Dr. Carolyn Lam, a cardiologist who appears as the resident doctor for 938LIVE’s Body and Soul, we learned that young people can have as many health issues as their parents and grandparents do. But even with the amount of information available on TV shows, health blogs, and wellness articles, young people are reluctant to educate themselves on what’s good and bad for their bodies.
“It’s always a matter of what you know and putting it in practice,” Dr. Lam, who recently guest starred on the TV version of Body and Soul, said. “Our health is our responsibility, and there’s so much you can do to help it. We’re not immortal, there are issues, and it’s not scary to deal with them. In fact, ignorance creates fear. You should just face it.”
Read on to read Dr. Lam’s insights on how young people are sabotaging their health, as well as her easy tips for turning things around.
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