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Friday, 18 January 2013 12:49

China Doll: Chen Yu

She doesn’t mind going dutch on dates and says it’s not important for her man to dress up when he takes her out – we’ve found you your perfect woman for this V-day.

China Doll: Chen Yu

Do you truly believe in love and Prince Charming?

Yes, I do believe in love. I believe in the different kinds of love though. Like the love between a man and a woman may evolve to a more mature love as trust and stability sets in. It changes even further when a family comes into the picture. But I don’t believe there’s just one person that’s right for me out there — so no Prince Charming.

What would your ideal man be like?

The most important quality in life is honesty and responsibility. He has to be responsible for his work and life, not just for his girlfriend. But the big thing is honesty.

Is it important for a man to put on a shirt for dinner?

It depends but it doesn’t really matter. As long as he’s comfortable I’m comfortable. He could be shirtless for all that matters.

For the full interview, read the February issue of FHM (#172).

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