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Thursday, 21 March 2013 15:00

Hanli Hoefer

She’s half German, a huge fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and will be lighting up your TV screens real soon. Say hi to MTV’s new ball of energy.

Hanli Hoefer

My surname “Hoefer” is German. My parents came up with the name “Hanli”. They wanted to keep the letter H because its tradition in my dad’s family for everyone’s name to begin with H. But loosely translated, “Han” means person, and “Li” is beautiful.

I messed up with Snoop Dogg’s name change (now known as Snoop Lion) at the audition. Everyone laughed it off because it was a recent change. It wasn’t a very spontaneous decision to pursue this job, I did think of being a VJ as a child, I never thought the opportunity would come, so when it did come, I didn’t want to give myself false hope. I just went in there with no expectation.

If I meet Justin Bieber, I’d ask him this question: I’d like to know what his perception of normal is. Because the kid grew up in the spotlight and he’s a multimillionaire, and everywhere he goes, there are crazy fans. So it’d be interesting to see what a normal day for him is like.

For the full interview, read the April issue of FHM (#174).

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