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Friday, 14 September 2012 15:10

Ultimate Fitness

FHM’s dream gym - it’s on a rooftop with a great sunset view!

Ultimate Fitness

FHM has found our dream gym! The first thing we love about Ultimate Fitness Performance Studio (UFPS) is its rooftop location, with plenty of space for outdoor sprints, parachute-resistance training, fresh air and, of course, a great sunset view as you’re warming up.

The specialist training gym offers classes mostly conducted by Gavin Watterson, a no-nonsense, fully focused, results-driven, tough-love, train-with-you type of coach. Choose from personal sessions, a R28 (get ripped in 28 days) programme and, our highlight workout, the boot camps. For $100 a month (or $1,000 a year), you’re entitled to all the boot-camp training every day of the week (except Friday, which is your drinking day, anyway). The sessions are gruelling and features more variety than a Havaianas store.

Monday: Last Man Standing

You’re paired up with someone of a similar fitness level to compete. Each station is a best-of-three challenge, with a minute’s rest between them. There are six stations: Sprints, agility hops, medicine-ball lifting, reverse pull-ups, tornado-ball swings, broad jumps and almost any strength-sapping regimen Watterson can devise.

Tuesday: Fitness & Endurance

More circuits, more sweat and tears.

Wednesday/Saturday: Fighting-Fit Boxing/Kickboxing training

It’s 90 minutes of hard group training with elements of fighting movement. Usually starts with competitive sprints, continues with circuit training and ends with a feeling quite close to death.

Thursday: 3-D Core Blast

A timely break from the hardcore sessions; this is all-core, the whole hour - heavy-ball throwing, planks, thunderball swings and so on.

Sunday: Beach Body

Circuit training - pump up your biceps, chest, triceps and abs to get ripped for the beach.

UFPS is not for amateurs; you do need a certain level of fitness to participate, but once you start, your fitness/strength level will escalate. Call for free trials. #08-01, 301 Book Keng Road, 8120-2277, www.ultimatefitness.com.sg

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