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Friday, 30 November 2012 17:00

Fight Club

Chang Chen will not only be exercising his acting chops in The Grandmasters. Watch out for his kicks and punches, too.

Fight Club

This interview with Taiwanese actor Chang Chen was fraught with difficulties from the start. First, the schedule was ridiculously tight — it was right after an 11-hour-long flight from Berlin, where I conducted an earlier interview. I was crossing my fingers in hope that there would be no more hiccups — up in the air and on the roads — or missing baggage.

Then, I was informed that Chang had another appointment to rush off to. (The text message from the styling crew: "Please hurry. ZZ has to leave at 6pm sharp." ZZ refers to Chang’s name in Mandarin.)

The 36-year-old Chang has been in showbiz since he was picked to act in Something Borrowed at the tender age of 4. While that might make him already a veteran in showbiz, and fodder for gossip, there are rarely negative reports about him, other than those about his relationships. (He allegedly ended a six-year relationship with Taiwanese artiste Jozie Lu with a postcard. Then, there is his on-again off-again ties with sultry actress Shu Qi.) He has never committed drunken misdemeanours or been involved in sordid sexcapades with female models and/or starlets — salacious staples for Taiwanese gossip magazines. His appearances in the media are limited to cameos in the entertainment pages. And that’s because he has a healthy film output — an average of two per year.


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